Dibuang Sayang - Singapore Short Holiday

Poto-poto dibuang sayang waktu jalan-jalan ke Singapur kemarin.

Neng Raya & Kaka Alanna play date & dinner bareng:

Raya waktu di poto-poto di Orchard Road:

Makan duren di Bugis street:

Di Changi airport, Raya ketemu sama idolanya Minnie & Mickey Mouse, sampe grogi & ngga mau dipoto karena kesenengan & takjub hahaha:

Hi Minnie, do you know how I adore you? :D

Dipesawat, Raya ngga bisa diem, jadi digendong & maen2 sama Abah: 

Bye Singapore, see you when I see you... 



  1. Your baby girl is such a cutie.I like the fact that you're spending more time with the kid which most of the parents nowadays are unable to do.


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