Afternoon Tea with Raya

One day, Mamih & Abah decided to have an afternoon tea at Cacaote
This was an impulsive request from Mamih hahahaha
Ok, lets start

Step one, choose the menu

 Matcha opera cake, hazelnut mille fuille & caramel salted eclair... Looks yummiii... nom nom..

Step two, lets sit & act like a lady
Please excuse my manner, choco on the lips & blouse is big no no..

Step three, enjoy the cake
Hmmm.... Sugar rush... it's startiiiing...

Step four, enjoy the rush
Oh maaay... I feel like upside down right now..

Step five, cooling down and relax...
Ok Abah, I want that white big car with BMW logo on it XD

By the way? Where's Mamih?

-the end-




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