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In the Raya Garden

By 10:44:00 AM , ,

Mamih said that this Garden has the same name with me, "Raya"

Mamih take me to the big lotus pool, it's so beautiful... 

I want to pick the Lotus, but it so far, I'm afraid and Mamih not allowed me to pick it up

I want the flower Mamih... 

But, well.. It's okay.. Bye bye Lotus

I can play with leaves... 

Hmm... what can I do with this leave? 

I love playing with leaves... 

Loook, the leaves were falling down... 

Oh well, Mamih said that we should go

Bye bye leaves, bye bye pool, bye bye lotus.. I have so much fun

Hope I can play again with you all... Kiss kiss

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  1. Mbak anaknya lucu banget.. gemes lihatnya ^^

  2. Replies
    1. Iya nih Var, gue pengen ngga usah tambah gede gimana caranya ya hahahaha... diawetkan aja gitu segini aja XD

  3. pinter nih mamih bikin ceritanya :) :)

    1. Hahaha, makasih Bonie, biasalah keinginan terpendam bikin cerita ngga jadi2 XD